Weddings After Lockdown

Social distancing wedding photographer

The world has changed and we need to adapt with it. All weddings throughout April, May, and June this year have already been postponed. And weddings after this date throughout the remainder of this year are swiftly following suit.

So what happens when lock-down is lifted to the extent that weddings can happen once more.

Current thinking suggests that weddings will look a little different at least during the immediate aftermath.

So what does this mean from a wedding photography and a pro wedding photographers perspective? I’ve been thinking long and hard about this over the past couple of weeks as I try to piece together a ‘new normal’ for working in the world of weddings.

Nikki Kirk Wedding Photographer
Wedding Day at Glenfall House

The job my Team and I do is very involved. Lots of human interaction. And when we’re posing you and moving things about to get the perfect shot it can be quite hands on.

It breaks down into two areas:

Personal safety for you, for your guests, and for us.


So lets look at personal safety first.

Everyone is very aware of the two metre rule at the moment. Its something that will be very difficult to impose at a wedding. So if some of your guests are older, are shielding, or just don’t feel comfortable being in a large group of people its unlikely they will attend. And that’s OK. Its disappointing but its OK. We’ll take the most amazing photographs of your wedding day for them to see so they won’t feel like they’ve missed out too much. And don’t forget you will have your bespoke online Gallery that we will create for you to share with your friends and family.


Although we might look a little odd we will be wearing face masks and also wearing gloves.

We’ll also have antibacterial wipes for the cameras and kit and will need to factor in time for hand washing throughout the day.

Our kit will then be thoroughly cleaned down after every wedding.

Social distancing wedding photographer
Director of Photography Nikki Kirk

We’re quite a tactile bunch here at NKP so forgive us if we don’t come in for the usual hug!


This is perhaps the most critical part. More time might be needed and space will be needed. Its something to think about when planning your day.

Here at NKP we spend a lot of time with our Clients before their wedding days. Getting to know you, planning the day, factoring all the details, and of course creating an achievable time plan to ensure that we capture your wedding in the way you want it to be remembered.

Based on a ‘normal’ wedding day here is what we would do and how it might change:

Wedding Timings

Bridal Prep: we will need space to photograph your dress, your shoes, your bouquet, etc. If you have the option to have you hair and make up done in a different room this would help enormously. We can use longer lenses to photograph you from a distance. Splash out for the biggest room/suite you can!

The Chaps: we should be able to photograph as normal here. The only change would be shots such as the button hole on the jacket, cuff link details etc. We ask that if you would like these photographed that these are put aside to be photographed in a side room before hand.

The Ceremony: where we stand during the ceremony will depend on the layout of the ceremony area, the guidance on the day from the Vicar/Priest/Registrar and the Venue/Church. We will be wearing face masks so watch our eyes for the smiles and the reassurance.

The Confetti Shot: we can stand way back for this one and use a big lens!

Group Photographs: again we can stand back for these. We would ask that you provide a timetable of the day for your guests in advance so that we are not having to search for guests in crowded reception rooms for photographs.

Let your guests know what is expected of them and when. If they are in photographs let them know in advance. They will welcome the direction and advance warning!

Add a Photography Schedule onto your Wedding Stationery list like this one from RKM Calligraphy

Gloucestershire and Cotswolds Wedding Photography

Your Photographs: your stunning timeless couples portraits. Again we will be wearing masks and fresh gloves so that if we have to slightly interact with you and move you slightly there is no skin to skin contact. The same will apply for any additional photographs we take of the two of you in the evening. They will be beautiful and in years to come you won’t remember that I was wearing a mask and gloves!

Reportage Guest Shots: as a Team we will use longer lenses for the reportage images. This means we won’t be quite as visible when you’re having your champagne reception etc. But we will be there – just at more of a distance. Our favourite lens for this is:

Wedding Breakfast details: These are usually photographed between the reportage images and you being called for dinner. In venues where the wedding breakfast is held in a different space to the wedding ceremony it would really help if this can be set up before the wedding commences. This means that we can arrive a little earlier. Photograph your dress etc (see Bridal prep above), and then photograph the wedding breakfast area and details whilst the bridal prep area then fills up again. It makes the most of the time we have on location with you.

Receiving Lines: these will not be an option in the immediate future. And when they are be mindful of those who don’t want to participate. That’s OK. We might well need to stand on a small step ladder as we won’t be able to be in amongst you all at this time.

The Speeches: this will be one of the few parts of the day that will be business as usual for us as we stand at the back of the room and use super long lenses! However please be mindful that these lenses are very heavy and we might need a little room for a tripod.

The Wedding Cake: my personal recommendation is that you might want to put a perspex barrier around this. You want to eat this after all! Something to chat to your cake maker about.

Your guests will be able to see the cake in all its glory but coughs won’t make it through! Also make sure that this arrives early so that we have the opportunity to photograph this before the perspex goes up!

We can then take a cake shot with just the two of you during your couples portrait time.

Your First Dance: again this is fairly business as normal. We will still be masked up and out of the way!

Adding Time

If we need to add time onto your wedding day be assured that this is not something we take lightly. We are great believers in the natural flow of the day and we do everything we can not to alter this.

We’re known for being unobtrusive and just gently chivying things along from the sidelines to keep things running to time for you.

I know that you trust us implicitly to do our jobs and in return we trust that you understand why we might have to do things a little differently in the immediate future.

Wedding ideas for Grooms


We will be keeping a close eye on guidance from the Government, from our Photography Industry bodies of which we are members (The Guild of Photographers/The Societies of Photographers), and the newly founded Association of British Wedding Businesses (ABWB) of which I am a founding member.

We will also guide you through this. Metaphorically hold your hand through the planning process and on the day. We can Skype or Zoom or just chat over the phone instead of our usual face to face coffee and cake meets.

Its all going to be OK.

Thank You!

My Clients have all been so incredibly supportive during this time. Thank you one and all. Much love to you all during this challenging time. Keep smiling!

Nikki xx

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