The Wonder of Weekday Weddings


Saturdays have traditionally always been the most popular day to get married and with good reason. Yet there is a growing trend for weekday weddings that started long before we went into lockdown and looks like it will get bigger as we come out of lockdown.

When you get married on a weekday you get to benefit from all the extra perks that come with it! And its worth remembering that no one ever remembers what day of the week you got married especially as anniversaries then fall on all days of the week thereafter.

So what’s great about weekday weddings?

The Best Wedding Pros

London Savoy Hotel wedding

You are more likely to get your pick of the best wedding professionals. Weekends are often booked months and even years in advance. The amount of times I have to say ‘I’m sorry we’re booked’ for a weekend across the summer months. However weekdays are a lot more flexible and a lot more likely.

Keep it Small and Intimate


A weekday wedding is likely to be a smaller affair. With guests having to take annual leave to attend or having other commitments your guest numbers will be lower which means your budget will go further. And of course you can always give them the option to just attend the evening party when you invite them. A win win for everyone!

Weekday weddings are more likely to be a little more relaxed too. Your nearest and dearest will of course be there whatever day of the week you choose. And this means that with smaller guest numbers you’ll be able to spend much more time talking to all the people you care about the most.

If you have specific guests you dearly want there ie family members who have school age children or are teachers then try for during the school holidays. And don’t forget to think ‘out of season’. I photograph weddings throughout the year and the seasons in the UK are all beautiful in their own right. A weekday winter wedding for example is divine!

Remember that your family and closest friends love you dearly and want to see you on your wedding day. Holding your wedding on a weekday won’t stop that.

You Can Get Married Sooner

Popular venues are booked up for weekend dates years in advance. You’ve probably got invitations from your friends already on the mantelpiece for weddings in the distant future – filling up your weekends for the foreseeable.

When you book a weekday wedding it is likely to mean that you won’t clash with any of your friends and their wedding dates. You’ll also find it far easier to book your dream venue. And as venues often offer weekday packages which aren’t as expensive as weekend packages you could even find yourself getting married at a venue you originally thought was beyond your reach.

The Rise of the Elopement

This also means that you don’t have to have a long drawn out engagement. When you get engaged you just want to be married!

Your guests can also benefit by saving money on travel and accommodation which means that they could even stay a little longer…

Party On…!


With your guests saving on travel and accommodation there’s a great excuse to extend the party and celebrate over a few days rather than just one. Indulge in your celebration and your guests.

Perhaps a rehearsal dinner the night before and a champagne BBQ the following day. With them all there to wave you off on your honeymoon! Flying during the week and during the day will also save you a heap of cash! It really is a win win!

And Remember…

” When you look at your photos, can you tell what day of the week it was? Does the food taste any different on a Tuesday? Do people dance differently on a Wednesday? Does the sun not shine on a Thursday? Your guests will remember your wedding, not what day of the week it was on.” Alan Berg

In my experience you really can’t tell what day of the week a wedding is on by looking at the photographs!

To put this in perspective by looking at the current figures. Around 150,000 booked 2020 weddings are being postponed. Pretty much every couple will want (and rightly so) to get married within twelve months of their original date. 50% will prefer a Saturday and will now be competing with Saturday dates with those couples already planning weddings for 2021.

So if you are able to be flexible when re booking your 2020 wedding or planning and booking your 2021 wedding day this could be a winner.


All of these weddings (below and so many more over on the Weddings Page) were weekday weddings – I can’t tell that they weren’t photographed on a weekend! Can you?!

A Secret Royal Wedding

Cate & Brendan’s Hyde House Wedding

Paula & Richard’s Lords of The Manor Wedding

An Autumn Wedding at Manor by the Lake

A Cripps Barn wedding for Pam & Prem

A Summer Wedding at Glenfall House

A spring wedding at Manor by the Lake

From Miss to Mrs

An mid-summer wedding at The Greenway

Thyme to Get Married!

Rachel’s & Simon’s Pittville Pump Room Wedding

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