World Photo Day 2019

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

I was asked to write a blog post for the lovely team at Glenfall House about World Photo Day and thought you would all like to see this too…

Welcome to World Photo Day 2019!

Every year on the 19th August we as photographers celebrate World Photo Day with the key aim of connecting people throughout the world through photographs. Be it to raise awareness of good causes or to connect people to one another across the wonderful planet we call home.

World Photo Day was started ten years ago by Australian photographer Korske Ara. The date of the 19th was chosen as it is the date that the patent of an early method of photography called ‘daguerreotype’ was purchased by the French government.


What on earth is ‘daguerreotype’ I hear you ask…?!

Names after inventor Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre; the daguerreotype was the first commercially successful photographic process (1839-1860) in the history of photography. Each ‘daguerreotype’ is a unique image on a silvered copper plate.

Since the early 19th century, photography has become an ever-increasing medium for personal expression and the capturing of memories for millions of people across the globe. Even into space; Neil Armstrong took a Hasselblad to the moon!

A photograph has the ability to capture a moment; an experience; an emotion; a memory saved for ever. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words and that a photograph can convey a feeling faster than, and sometimes even more effectively than words.

There’s a quote by David Alan Harvey that my team and I use as our mantra:

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”

The Nikki Kirk Photography team strive to create photographs that transcend the passing of time. A photograph we take today will still be as appreciated in 100 years’ time as it is appreciated today.

“Nikki is the talent to watch, constantly evolving as an artist. Her lucky clients are investing in sublime photography with a timeless quality that transcends fashion.”

Damien Lovegrove

The perfect spots at Glenfall House for wedding photographs

Glenfall House provides a spectacular backdrop for many such moments. There are too many to choose from however here are my favourite places for wedding day photography.

The Wisteria Walk

Glenfall’s iconic wisteria walk is a timeless classic spot for your wedding photographs. I always ensure that I meter my light here and use infill lighting if needs be as this can be blissful shady on a hot May day but that’s not so good for light and airy photographs to show off this walk at its best.

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

The Swing

The swing seat that hangs from the great oak tree is a firm favourite with my clients and for me. It captures both romance and an air of fun as you snuggle up together on the swing and share a few moments together.

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

The Driveway

The driveway that winds its way up to Glenfall is a much over looked area for photographs. The framing of the driveway is perfect. Even more so if you happen to arrive or leave in a horse drawn carriage!

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

The Fountain

Hidden away behind the stone steps that lead you to the garden is a tranquil area where a fountain splashes in the background taking you back to a bygone age where a stroll in the gardens was a requisite of any summer’s afternoon.

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

The Flower Meadow

Tucked away in the grounds is the flower meadow which depending on the time of year is filled with seasonal flowers.

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

The Garden Walk

Across from the Flower Meadow you’ll find the Garden Walk. A raised area giving you a superb view of both the expansive grounds on one side and the house on the other.

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

The Secret Garden

If you’ve never seen the Secret Garden make sure you take this in on your tour of Glenfall. As you walk up the stone steps and through the gate into this hidden away gem of a garden you’ll find manicured paths, mature trees, and flower beds bursting with blooms.

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

Night Time

And don’t forget the magic of images taken at night in the grounds of Glenfall House. I am known for my lighting so always love to sneak one of these images in during weddings in the winter months.

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer

Make sure you join in, capture a moment, share your best photos on social media and remember to us the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay

Glenfall House Wedding Photographer




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  • Lucie says:

    I can’t recommend Nikki enough, from start to finish she was just a pleasure to meet. Nikki really is a wonderful person, and photographer. Nothing is too much trouble for her and by the end of our wedding we feel like she is part of our family! We love her to bits, not only personally but also professionally. Xx

  • Nikki Kirk says:

    Thank you Lucie and Nick; this has melted my heart. You and your families and friends are just divine and I loved photographing your big day, getting to know you all, and feeling like one of the family. Love to all xx


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