Eastington Park Wedding Wins Award

Eastington Park Wedding Photographer Nikki Kirk

I loved this wedding!

It was full of fun and laughter, the most wonderful families coming together, and the Couple’s friends… where do I start?! They were an absolute delight to be around. Super helpful, charming, and just lovely lovely humans!

And so this makes this award even more special…

This gorgeous image of Cheryl with her ‘Bride Tribe’ has won a High Bronze from The Guild of Photographers.

“I have always said that Nikki was ‘the one’ because of her ability to let pictures tell a story and capture the spirit and character of a person and allow you to immerse yourself into remembering the moments they were taken, they aren’t ‘just pictures’.” Cheryl

Eastington Park Wedding Photographer Nikki Kirk

These guys absolutely adore each other and their friendship shines through in this photograph.

You can see the Cheryl and Harry’s full Wedding Story here…

“What an incredible talent you have, wow ! You are simply the best !!! Sitting and watching the photos today, has filled me with so much happiness ! It was like re- living the day!!!

What a women you are, those images have taken our breath away, and made us shed so many happy tears!

I cannot described to you the feeling of looking at the images of me with my Nans! As you know, Gramps was such an influential, important part of my life so to have them in so many, magical pictures you have honestly made the most happiest of memories that I will forever cherish and I’m so incredibly grateful for! Thank you !!

Thank you Nikki, I cannot put into words just how special these images are.

You are an incredible talented lady and these images will stay with me forever and leave a very VERY important imprint on my head, thank you !” Cheryl & Harry

Cheryl and Harry chose Collection Three – Full Wedding Day Coverage

So what are these awards all about and why do I enter them?

The awards I enter are not won based on the number of votes I receive. I’m known for not being a social media slave as I’d prefer to spend my time with my Clients and creating really cool images! And that’s why I don’t enter numbers based awards. To my mind they are great if you have a big social media following. But for me I want feedback from gurus in my industry.

Photographers of huge reputation and skill who judge work based on technical ability. This keeps me on my toes! Always striving to do better and better and better.

An International Judging Criteria

The IOM images are judged against an international judging criteria. This is pretty high level stuff and standards are high. Very high.

The higher scoring images are assessed by the panel to be either Bronze, High Bronze, Silver and Gold. Allegedly there is also a Platinum level but who knows if this actually exists? I’ve never seen a Platinum awarded for weddings. 

Wedding photography is very much in the moment so to achieve a High Bronze is really quite something; its literally a point off a Silver! There will be something daft like a dust spot that has knocked the mark off a silver. To achieve a Silver… well a huge slice of cake is in order. And for a Gold… I think I would keel over!

If I have entered images from your wedding; thank you. Thank you for working with me and indulging my creativity. These winning awards are as much yours as they are mine.

So what do these awards mean?

I’m so thrilled when I receive awards for my work. Judged by the gurus of my industry they are a huge deal. They are judged on techincality, posing, light, the list goes on… and on… and on…!

So when the time pressure of a wedding is bearing down, things are running behind schedule and the chef (and rightly so) won’t move service, its the photography time that is always the one thing to be squeezed. This creates huge challenges when it comes to taking images that adhere to the rules and requirements for competition standard and competition winning images.

My Clients are very special people. They value photography and have a huge appreciation of photography as an art form. Because of this I am able to take these stunning images for them because we work together as a team.

I happen to have an opportunity to take award winning images at your wedding… thank you!

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