Covid 19: Moving of Wedding Dates

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As 2020 draws to a close, 2021 dates are booking fast towards the end of the year. 2020 dates that have already postponed to 2021 are now considering moving dates back again to 2022.

Its a challenging time for my Clients and a challenging time for the wedding industry as a whole. And so I felt it important to set out the following process for my Clients and future Clients so that there is a transparent outline of information available.

Its been an incredibly stressful year for all of us. For everyone of my Clients I have made the time, listened to the tears, moved dates, and accommodated changes as best I can. And I am hugely grateful for their support and understanding.

For wedding suppliers each Client is special. We are having these conversations as an industry and as individual businesses many, many, times over. Day after day. And each time we have a few tears ourselves. Its been so damned hard. The lives and livelihoods of those of us in this wonderful industry have been and continue to be impacted. Futures have been put on hold and none of us have been able to turn to the next page in the stories of our lives.

So on behalf of a stressed out industry; if you happen to have a conversation with one of your wedding crew and you happen to get them on a not so good day. Please understand why. And please reach out and give them a virtual hug. Businesses are closing, mortgages are not being paid, businesses that have been successful for many years are going to the wall.

When a wedding is postponed to a new date this means that as a wedding professional I am giving two dates to one couple. A ‘trading day’ is then lost for the following year. A date when income (which is salary and is what pays the mortgage) is lost for both me and for my team. Its something that can never be recouped.

I’ve pulled together these Q&As based on questions from real Clients for the process which will be followed.

Q: In the event that we want to change the date ie if we don’t want to get married under UK Government imposed restrictive circumstances, can we do this as long as you have availability?

A: Yes you can. For each date change due to a ‘change of heart’ ie you can get married but you choose to wait for whatever reason, a further £500 booking fee is taken off the current final ‘balance’ paid. This doesn’t mean that any further monies are due on the original balance however should a dispute ever arise this is a further £500 less coming back to you. Please see notes on the Booking Fee** below which explains what this covers.

Example: Wedding photography total £1500. £500 is the non-refundable booking fee** for the original date. A change of heart change of date as couple are restricted to 50 guests rather than 100 guests. Balance paid on due date of £1000. £500 of the £1000 balance is moved into the non-refundable booking fee ‘pot’ for the new date. If a dispute should ever arise there would only be the remaining £500 in negotiation.

Q: If we were limited to 15 people due to Covid, can we move the date but understand that it would be subject to additional costs?

A: Yes you can move the date but there may be additional costs depending on when you move it to. Because I can still do my job and you can still get married this will is classed as a ‘change of heart’ on your part.

Prices will increase to 2022 rates (to be released June 2021) for 2021 to 2022 reschedules. These are not huge increases. For example the full day package the cost has only gone up by £200 in three years.

Q: If our wedding couldn’t go ahead due to COVID e.g weddings are banned what would happen?

A: If the UK Government bans weddings from taking place then we simply move the wedding on to a new date. As this is not a ‘change of heart’ there are no penalties as such.

If subsequently you decide you don’t want to marry each other then that is classed as a ‘change of heart’ (see above).

For all of the above I ask that you work with me to find a mutually agreeable date before confirming with your venue. This then avoids a frustration of contract on your part.

I will always do my best to be fair and to protect both parties as I very much believe that its total teamwork between us and for me that means the contractual side as well.

Gloucestershire and Cotswolds Wedding Photography

Well that all sounded very formal!

The key to all of us getting through this is to communicate. To understand that there are high emotions on both sides. And to support each other.

Thank you one and all for supporting me through 2020. Here’s looking forward with hope to 2021…

**The Non Refundable Booking Fee

The Non Refundable Booking Fee is paid to save your date. This means that my time and the time of other Team members is booked for the date chosen. This means that all further enquiries for that day are declined. The fee also covers pre wedding meetings (up to two including the initial consultation), all administration and organisational costs, including the cost of doing business. A large amount of work is completed before the wedding date and this is what the Booking Fee covers and why it is non-refundable.

For all prices and T&C’s please click below

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