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The word ‘pose’ in photography has a bad reputation at the moment. But here’s why you really should be posing for your wedding photography and why I want you to feel amazing when you do.

But first lets rewind and have a read of a shorter version of a presentation I gave recently at a Brides Night at Glenfall House.

Just imagine…

You’re asked to just be yourselves and the photographer clicks away…

You’re so excited to see your photographs a few weeks later

So why has this happened?

So lets look at a couple of really well known couples and their amazing weddings to illustrate what I’m talking about…

HRH The Duke & Duchess of Sussex vs. Princess Eugenie & Mr Jack Brooksbank

Both weddings were spectacular. Both couples looked exquisite. Both couples were married at the same chapel and had their wedding receptions in very similar settings. And both couples had insanely talented photographers. But here’s why I prefer the wedding photographs of Princess Eugenie & Mr Jack Brooksbank.

Relaxed informal photographs…

Image above: Alexi Lubomirski

Alexi Lubomirski is an insanely talented Fashion and Celebrity Photographer based in New York City. His portraits are phenomenal. Remember the engagement photographs he took… Wow!

However the above image, especially as one that was released to the public, saddens me. It is not OK and it divided the photography community. Its not straight for a start (a real bug bear of mine). And if Prince Harry had just been asked to bring his left hand in, even by a matter of inches, or even better close to his body or supporting his wife’s hand, this image would have been (for me) absolutely picture perfect. And whilst Harry is looking at the camera Megan is looks elsewhere and at someone else; not her lovely new husband. Its absolutely OK to ask people to move slightly to ensure a better photograph and therefore a better result for your Client.

When you don’t have anything to physically frame an image such as a building or an object then you need to create a frame using the subject matter. You could argue that this one is pure documentary. However… do you think they really decided to sit on the steps whilst their guests milled around in a dress that cost tens of thousands of pounds? We will never know; but I doubt it.

Now this one below of Princess Eugenie & Mr Jack Brooksbank.

Whilst no doubt staged or ‘posed’ it looks incredibly natural. The carriage is at a stop (there is no movement in the wheels), they are turned towards each other, interacting with each other, lost in the moment and each other. Its framed beautifully. Its perfect.

Small differences but do you see what I mean…?

As a pro photographer you are trained (or should be) to create images like this with what you have at the time.

Image above: Alex Bramell

Always Learning

As a photographer I never stop learning. And I’ve learnt that ‘pose’ or ‘posed’ or even ‘posing’ are not dirty words. They are essential for professional wedding photography.

“Nikki is the talent to watch, constantly evolving as an artist. Her lucky clients are investing in sublime photography with a timeless quality that transcends fashion.” Damien Lovegrove, Internationally Acclaimed Portrait Photographer (and the man who taught me my lighting skills)

Bride & Groom Portraits

They are so important and they are worth taking the time over.

Q: So what do I do?

A: I provide you with a client service lead approach, spending a considerable amount of time with you before your wedding day. This is my investment in you.

Q: Why do I do this?

A: I do this because its critical that I understand what makes you tick. That I understand what you feel comfortable doing. That I understand how you interact with each other. And so that you feel super comfortable with me. You’re spending a lot of money with me – the least I can do is ensure that you look amazing!

Getting Creative

Your Bride and Groom portraits are when I can let loose with my creativity and work with you to create images you will treasure. We will have already done our prep work and located the best backdrops.

We’ll get creative with lighting and bring in the key themes of the day. We’ll create images that tell your story for the next generation.

We can even spend some time a short while after your wedding day creating a Post Wedding Collection.

Your Wedding Day

I want you to feel amazing on your Wedding Day.

For you to feel as if you’re being photographed for Vogue, wearing your dream dress, with perfect hair and perfect make up.

I want to capture you at your very best.

To take such beautiful heartfelt images that give you goose bumps every single time you look at them.

Celebrating a once in a lifetime love that you never let go of.

Your wedding is the dreamy start line for your happy ever after.

I want to tell your Wedding Story.



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