Model Portfolios

We are delighted to provide images for modelling portfolios at our Country Studio.

You should allow up to 3 hours per portfolio session and allocate an investment of £695 per portfolio which includes the edited high resolution images on a USB.

All portfolio portraits are taken at our Country Studio and its surrounding landscapes if editorial is required.

“Nikki is the talent to watch, constantly evolving as an artist. Her lucky clients are investing in sublime photography with a timeless quality that transcends fashion.”  Damien Lovegrove

We focus on the following images for your portfolio:

A Beauty Shot or Clean Head Shot: What’s known as a “beauty shot” (fashion/editorial) or a “clean head shot” (commercial). This tends to be a colour image of the model’s face from the shoulders upwards. The beauty shot is to show you in your most natural state which enables the agency/client to see exactly what you look like without heavy styling/make up. This is not usually a smiling shot. Interestingly a commercial head shot can be a bit more relaxed and can be shot in black and white as well as colour.  The current trend of commercial head shots is from the waist up.

A Full Length Body Shot: This allows the agency to see your proportions and body type. Clothes should be form-fitting and simple ie skinny jeans and a fitted t-shirt.

A Swimsuit Shot: This is optional.

Editorial Fashion: This is where we can inject a little more creativity and we would need to set up a ‘set’ for this or use a location. The purpose of this shot is to show the agency your ability to move and express yourself in your photographs.

Potentially a commercial shot: A photograph that you would typically see in a print ad in a magazine. Types of emotions that agents want to see from a new commercial model.

A smiling shot: A good smiling head shot. Agents and clients want to see your smile, but more important, your teeth. You don’t need perfect teeth for this!

A closing shot: A really strong image to close the portfolio with. People tend to remember the very first and very last shot in your portfolio, so we need to ensure that these are your strongest.

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